May Server Update

[Staff] Techgeek564 aOwnerHead-Admin posted May 12, 18

May is the month. We are working on the server this month giving her a little bigger overhaul than our monthly updates.


To start off, we will be introducing our voting system this month. Our developer is working hard to bring you guys the best voting experience. You will be able to vote for our server using a couple of voting links provided in the Voting Page. You will only be allowed to vote once per day.

The voting system will also provide rewards to help enchance your in game experience. There will also be extra prizes for the top voter of the month. How the rewards will be handed out, and what prizes will be provided is still being discussed at this moment.


As far as ranks goes, we will be looking at simplifying the chat a little bit so that one line isn't mostly taken up by server and towny ranks. We will also be looking at possibly adding donor VIP ranks to the list to give vip members some extra benefits such as a customizable ranks name, Fly, etc. This is still however being discussed to minimize players from taking major advantage to the server.

Plugin updates

As what we do each month, we will be updating the plugins to ensure you have a smooth game experience, and to reduce the amount of bugs that occours from plugins. We are also in the talks about changing out some of our plugins that will make managing the servers easier for our Staffs.

Thats all I have for you guys now, but keep checking back frequently for more updates to come. I hope everyone enjoys the game.



Head Admin

Minigames Arena

[Staff] Techgeek564 aOwnerHead-Admin posted Jan 27, 18

I would like to first off welcome everyone to Techgeekscraft. The server is officially public, and we look forward to seeing everyone online. Since the server just became public, there are still going to be some bugs to work out. If you run into any problems, we ask that you please post it in the Forums so that we can look at it. We also ask that if you like the server, to please share the address with your friends as well. The domain for the server is


Withour further ado, I would like to announce that we had just created and brought online our Minigames Hub. This hub will be serving as a central point for all of our minigames including a server exclusive that we are working on. We are also working on programing some more minigames at the moment to allow for some more fun and easier ways to earn cash and item rewards. If there is a game you wish to see, please let us know so we can look in to it.

We are looking to introduce the following Minigames sometimes this spring:

  • Drop
  • Capture The Flag
  • PVP
  • Spleef

Minigames Hub

Mob Arena

Yes, we have our very first mob arena. It is currently a basic arena thats been redesigned to add obstacles and safe points. We are also looking at possibly introducing another Arena sometimes in Spring. The New Arena will be themed like a Castle Courtyard. Currently, the Sand Arena gives out both cash and item rewards, and the new arena will have more. We will keep everyone updated with the progress on the arenas. Don't forget to team up with your friends and other players and try to reach the highest level on Mob Arena.

Grand Opening

[Staff] Techgeek564 aOwnerHead-Admin posted Jan 21, 18

Hello everyone and welcome to the Grand Opening of TechGeeksCraft. Just to Touch bases with what kind of features you can expect currently on the surver, and whats coming in the future. As you can probably already tell, we are a Survival based Towny server. The reason why we choosen towny was so that everyone could build towns, and nations together. It is also easier to manage than a Protection Stones type setup.

As far as rankings go, we just have the basics right now. As the server grows, we will add more ranks, and more requirements to rank up, such as voting, game times, and even mcmmo stats. The current rank we have right now is just User. But sometimes around the late winter and early spring, we will be changing the names, and the ranks up a bit as we learn more together. If you have a suggestion, please drop it in our suggestions forums. We would love to hear it.

We also have just implemented Minigames. The current active Minigames we have right now is Mob Arena. The reason for setting that up, was due to it being a favorites among players. As the server grows, we will have more mini games such as Drop, PVP, maybe an Agility course, etc. We are always looking for builders. If you would like to take part in building a minigames map, don't hesitate to let us know. We whould love to welcome you on board.

Also, we will be implementing Discord into our Minecraft Server sometime in February so that you can chat with the members in discord as well, or the players in the game while you are away from your computer. There are still more features to be implemented, and we hope you enjoy your stay here at TechGeeksCraft. Don't forget to follow us on twitter at Thanks for joining and we look forward to pushing out more updates in the near future.


The TechGeeksCraft Team

Soft Opening

[Staff] Techgeek564 aOwnerHead-Admin posted Nov 19, 17

Yes thats right you heard it correctly. TechgeeksUnited welcomes you to TechGeekCraft. We will be performing a soft opening to our server to let everyone play. This opening will last until New Years Day and then close for polishing and setting up of plugins. This way you will all become familiar with the map and snatch that spot you want before someone else does.

We do however in return that you let us know in the suggestions part of the forums as to what you would like to see, fixed, improved, etc. This will help us set up exactly a user friendly environment that all can play. Over time once we have your Grand Opening, we will roll out new features. Currently we are only rolling out basic feature till we fully open.

TechGeekCraft will open to the Beta Members on December 1st, and will hopefully open to the public sometime in early 2018 after 1.13 is released. Keep a lookout for future updates and we hope you enjoy. White-list signup is posted at the top of the page in its respective link.
We hope that you guys enjoy the server and have a blast. Remember to follow the rules or your stay maybe short lived.
Happy Thanksgiving
The Techgeeks United Team

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