After many requests i'm making this thread to clearify the permissions for towny ranks.
You can grant these ranks to your town or nation residents by using the command:
/t rank add <username> <rankname>
/n rank add <username> <rankname>
Warning: Make sure you trust people before promoting them in your town and/or nation.

Town ranks:

  • All town permissions
  • Can promote any town resident to Helper, Builder or Senator.
There can only be 1 mayor.

  • Can invite players to a town (can not kick).
  • Can setup plots for sale.
  • Can remove plots.

  • Can build in the entire town on any plots.

  • Can invite & kick players to/from your town.
  • Can manage plots (set them up for sale, remove plots, and toggle plot permissions).
  • Claim & unclaim land.
  • Can build in the entire town.
  • Does not have to pay town taxes (this is just town taxes and not daily upkeep).
  • Can promote residents to Builder and Helper rank.

Nation ranks::

  • All nation permissions
  • Can promote any nation member to Helper or Assistant.
There can only be 1 king.

  • Can invite towns to the nation (can not kick).

  • Can invite and kick towns to/from your nation.
  • Can ally towards other nation.
  • Can enemy other nations.
  • Can grant players in the nation a title (nation chat).
  • Can grant players in the nation a surname (nation chat).
  • Can promote nation members to helper rank.

      I hope this guide helped you all :) and have fun creating your very own government :)