May Server Update

By [Staff] Techgeek564 aOwnerHead-Admin - Posted May 12, 18

May is the month. We are working on the server this month giving her a little bigger overhaul than our monthly updates.


To start off, we will be introducing our voting system this month. Our developer is working hard to bring you guys the best voting experience. You will be able to vote for our server using a couple of voting links provided in the Voting Page. You will only be allowed to vote once per day.

The voting system will also provide rewards to help enchance your in game experience. There will also be extra prizes for the top voter of the month. How the rewards will be handed out, and what prizes will be provided is still being discussed at this moment.


As far as ranks goes, we will be looking at simplifying the chat a little bit so that one line isn't mostly taken up by server and towny ranks. We will also be looking at possibly adding donor VIP ranks to the list to give vip members some extra benefits such as a customizable ranks name, Fly, etc. This is still however being discussed to minimize players from taking major advantage to the server.

Plugin updates

As what we do each month, we will be updating the plugins to ensure you have a smooth game experience, and to reduce the amount of bugs that occours from plugins. We are also in the talks about changing out some of our plugins that will make managing the servers easier for our Staffs.

Thats all I have for you guys now, but keep checking back frequently for more updates to come. I hope everyone enjoys the game.



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